Available as a universal application for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch
KartTuner Pro
KartTuner Pro
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  • iPad
  • iPhone

Kart Settings

KartTuner Pro Feature Track your current kart setup, changes, and on-track sessions


KartTuner helps you diagnose what your kart is doing and helps you to dial it in

Track Database

Over 250 tracks with satellite imagery available at your fingertips

Track Drawing

Draw over track maps to help describe and discuss lines

Safety Checklist

A great checklist to help you make sure your kart is safe to race

Flag Reference

A handy reference to what each flag means

Weight Distribution

KartTuner Pro Feature A quick and easy way to calculate your kart's weight distribution

KartTuner News

Announcing KartTuner Pro
Karting Coach is pleased to announce the release of the new KartTuner Pro...